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About Flow of Money From Foodie to You

1. Accepting Credit Cards

You do not need to worry about this. The app handles the credit card processing for you and absorbs the credit card processing costs as part of the relationship.

2. Sales tax processing

You do not need to worry about this. The app handles the sales tax processing for you.

The collected sales tax is paid out to you so that you can remit the sales tax to appropriate authority.

3. Receiving payments

NebleeChef program will remit your earnings minus the Relationship Fees (12%) accrued over a week on Sunday after the week. Note that the Relationship Fees is the only fees charged to you. For example, if your orders for the week totaled to $500 and sales tax was $25, you will receive 500 – 60 + 25 = $ 465 of which you will remit $25 sales tax to appropriate agency in your county.

The payment will be direct deposited to your bank account set up in the app. If the account information is incorrect and the remittance fails, we will notify you about the problem.

Please note that an order must be marked as “Complete” for the payment to be released for it.


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