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What is Neblee?

Neblee Apps make it very easy to offer services like home catering, tutoring, handyman or any personal help with very little effort. All that you need is a mobile phone (and of course, passion and skills for the service).

Two apps are provided - one for the HomeChef (NebleeChef) and another for the foodie (Neblee).

NebleeChef, NebleeTutor, NebleeHome and NebleeTutor are apps for the service provider and Neblee is the app for users to discover and connect with services in the neighborhood.

What platforms are supported?

All Neblee apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablet devices.

How do I offer my service on Neblee?

Download and install the appropriate app.

If you are planning to offer food and catering service, use NebleeChef.

If you are planning to offer tutoring service, use NebleeTutor.

If you are planning to offer home and appliance repair service, use NebleeHome.

If you are planning to offer personal help service, use NebleeHelper.

How do I get help?

Please use the Help menu at the top of this page to request support or report any issues.

What payment methods does Neblee accept?

Neblee App accept credit cards from users ordering a service.

The credit card processing service is provided by Stripe. The credit card information is sent directly to Stripe and Neblee never sees your credit card information.

How does Neblee pay the Service Provider?

Neblee Service Providers use the provider apps - (NebleeChef, NebleeTutor, NebleeHome and NebleeHelper) to offer their service.

User pays for the service using a credit card on Neblee app.

Neblee pays the servie providers by direct deposit to their bank account on file via ACH transaction.

How is sales tax calculated?

Applicable state and local sales tax is charged at the order time. It is calculated based on the county of the service provider address.

What fees are charged?

Neblee charges no fees to the user for any activity.

Service providers are charged a Relationship Fees of 12% of the order total (not including sales tax, of course) with the minimum charge being $1.50. This is the only fee charged to the providers and it includes our cost of credit card processing and cost of operations.


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